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About Us

DSL & Associates, Inc. is a Tuscon-based firm that focuses on returning lost assets that rightfully belong to owners and their heirs. Our extensive resources and highly skilled team diligently seeks to make the process of documentation of ownership a painless and efficient experience for our clients.

Our History

Dana Dimatteo launched DSL & Associates, Inc. in 2016 with over 25 years of investigative experience. Dana felt inclined to get involved and rightfully return lost assets after discovering the amount of lost assets held by various entities amounted to over $58 billion. Regrettably, the holders have neither the labor or technology resources to locate millions of owners and then work each case collaboratively with the owner to returning the assets.

One of our founding principles is something we still believe today: property owners, families, and heirs of the lost assets rightfully deserve the property, whether to pay for college education, clothes, home maintenance, or even for someone just needing a fresh star, which in turn helps the U.S. economy.

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